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Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie is proud to offer a large variety of pastries and Dutch "gebakjes". Our pastries (or gebakjes), small cakes and tarts are hand-made and decorated, prepared with only the finest ingredients. We take much joy in preparing these items knowing that they will take part in your birthday, anniversary, or "just-because" celebration!

Mocha BoatMocha Boat

Mini Cheese CakeMini Cheese CakeA listing of items which can be found in the pastry counter:

  • Mocha Progréss 
  • Real Whip Cream Pastries (ask at counter)
  • Fondant Boats (Mocha, Pink or Yellow)
  • Mocha Logs
  • Vanilla and Mocha Cake Slices
  • Marzipan Cake Slices (made with home-made marzipan)
  • Vanilla Slices (also known as Tompoezen)
  • Chocolate Eclairs
  • Cupcakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Decadent, or Coconut Jam)
  • Apple Taart 
  • French Almond Pastries
  • Mini Cheese Cakes. . .and more!