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Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie was first established in 1958, by a Dutch immigrant and baker, Mr. Zwyting. The Zwyting family lived and worked in the building at 4966 King Street East, and their children attended local schools. John and his wife Mary Streefkerk, another Dutch baker, took ownership of the business for a brief time after this.

In 1972, Klaas and his young wife, Johanna, immigrated to Canada from the province of Friesland, the Netherlands, in search of a better future in a foreign country. The two met, most appropriately, working in a bakery in Sneek, Friesland, and married shortly before moving to Canada. As a newly married couple, and new immigrants to Canada, Klaas worked in bakeries in Grimsby and Welland, learning more about traditional English and Scottish baking from his co-workers in these locations. Johanna worked cleaning houses for extra income to help fund their future dream: owning their own bakery in Canada.

Driving to work in Welland one day, Klaas noticed the Beamsville Bakery along Highway #8, in Beamsville. The allure of this quaint shop brought Klaas in to speak with the then current owners, John and Mary Streefkerk. John and Mary were interested in selling the business, so further discussions and negotiations soon realized a dream come true. Klaas and Johanna purchased the Beamsville Bakery on November 1st, 1974, and changed the business name to Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie.

Ownership of Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie has not changed these 40 years, and neither has much else in the building at 4966 King Street East. Stepping into the store, you will be taken back into a time and place where the local bakery played a dutiful role in the everyday meals of families, their birthdays and weddings, community celebrations, or to satisfy a craving for something sweet! Thanks to the local community of Lincoln, and our many loyal and devoted fans-some of whom drive a considerable distance-Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie is proud to still play this role in your lives!